About Jaego's House and Kensal House Nursery

Jaego's House by the river, with trees on either side

Jaego’s House and Kensal House Nursery were created by Charlie (Jaego’s dad!), who put together a new team of six, all parents with children under the age of eight, to help create an innovative family members club and nursery.

“The dream for most parents is to find somewhere that they love visiting just as much as their children do”

Our Ethos

The main goal is for Jaego’s House to be where family life is made easier and more fun. Furthermore, it will always be somewhere where kids are allowed to be kids. They can express themselves, make a mess and have the odd tantrum without any judgment, eye rolling or requests to be quiet. This is a place where children should be seen and heard.

“The dream for most parents is to find somewhere that they love visiting just as much as their children do,” says Charlie. “And that is exactly how we want our members and pay and play guests to feel about Jaego’s House. I lived in Kensal Rise for six years and walked past the same building daily, thinking that it could be transformed into an amazing space. My son, Jaego, was born just 500 metres away and so it felt like the perfect fit. After 18 months of research, it feels like now is the right time to launch this concept.”

We’ve spoken to hundreds of fellow parents about what they’d love to see in a family club, and it turns out that most of us want the same thing. So, we started imagining a place that parents would look forward to visiting just as much as their children. A place with fun childminders and an exceptional nursery. A place where children can play, learn and let off steam while parents relax, work in peace and enjoy a child-free workout. A place which makes family life easier and more fun. Then we started making it a reality.

Our People

Throughout Jaego’s House you’ll meet a team who are welcoming, energetic and proactive, and will go above and beyond to make you feel at home here. We’ve chosen to staff the club with people who are both passionate about providing great service and relish interacting with children.

The Crèche and Kids' Club is run by experienced childminders from The Babysitting Club, an agency that specialises in providing childcare professionals with a background in theatre. This means our sessions will be led by a crew adept at imaginative play and storytelling, and who will bring bundles of energy to the room. They’ll throw themselves into facilitating fun and games that will give children confidence, enrich their education and send them home smiling every time.