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House Rules

General Rules

All snacks and food must be purchased from Jaego’s House, except food for weaning babies and if it is needed for medical reasons.

No nuts are permitted at Jaego’s House as we strive to be a nut-free site.

Buggies are not allowed in the Club and members are encouraged to leave their buggies in the Buggy Store, folded and hung on the hooks provided. Bassinets are available from Reception, subject to availability.

Photo and videos can be taken for personal use only. Photos and videos cannot be taken of other people without their permission. Photos and videos of other people cannot be used on any social media platforms without their permission.

Dogs and other animals are not allowed in Jaego’s House except for service dogs.

Jaego’s House is a smoke free site, including the use of e-cigarettes and vapes.

CCTV is in operation across the Club for the safety of all Members and non-Members.

No glass bottles and/or glassware is permitted in the Soft Play & Jungle Gym or when walking around the Club.

Children who are unwell, or who have been unwell, should not visit the Club for at least 48 hours. Children who become unwell while at the Club must leave the venue immediately.

Please be respectful of our neighbours when entering and leaving the club.


Member's guests are required to check in at the front desk on arrival.

Named adults must check in at reception upon arrival to be given a wristband by our reception team.

Guests must be booked in advance by the Member via the portal. Should Guests arrive and not be booked in, the Member must book them in at the door.

Guest Passes are for the use of the Soft Play & Jungle Gym. Members must book Guest Passes on the Member Portal in advance and a primary or secondary Member must be present with the guest at all times.

Members’ Behaviour and Guest Responsibility

Jaego’s House operates a zero-tolerance policy and observes a dignity at work policy, meaning that aggressive or violent behaviour towards our staff or any other person at Jaego’s House will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Member’s guests and Named Adults are the responsibility of the Member and as such Members will be contacted regarding any issues directly.

Parental Responsibilities

Parents/carers are responsible for their children at all times unless under the supervision of Jaego’s House staff in the Kids’ Club or drop off Studio Classes.

Parents/carers are not allowed to leave the Jaego’s House site without their children. This includes while children are in the Kids’ Club.

Accident & Injury

If a Member has an accident or suffers an injury at Jaego’s House, please report this as soon as possible to a Member of staff, in any event, within 24 hours of the incident.


Please keep your belongings with you when you move around the club. Members are responsible for their own belongings.

Should you find yourself having an item missing please refer to our full Lost Property terms and conditions:


Named Adults within a Membership

Memberships can have up to two additional named adults (nannies/childminders/grandparents etc. who can have access in a Member's place) on all Memberships.

A Named Adult is a permanent person in the child’s life, and this person cannot be amended regularly.

Please note that Named Adults do not have access to Member-only areas such as the Gym, 3rd Floor, Study and Kids' Club.

The Named Adult cannot to access the soft play at the same time as the primary or secondary member.

Car Park

Car park bookings are for members only and cannot be booked for guests.

The Member must be present on site whilst their car is parked. Cars cannot be left at Jaego’s House overnight.

Members are able to make a maximum of 1 car park booking per day, for a maximum of 3 hours per day.

Members must only park in front of the confirmed Jaego’s House car park allocation. Please be respectful of our neighbours’s car park spaces.

This Parking Fine Policy outlines the rules and regulations regarding parking violations for Jaego’s House and Kensal House Nursery. The policy is designed to ensure fair and responsible use of parking facilities for the benefit of all. By parking within our premises, individuals agree to adhere to the policies set forth.

Parking Violations

Unauthorized Parking
Unauthorized parking refers to parking in areas that are not designated for parking, obstructing traffic flow, or occupying reserved parking spaces without authorization. Any vehicle found to be parked in an unauthorized area is subject to a parking fine.

Overstaying Booking Slot
Members who exceed their allotted parking duration, as specified during the booking process, will be considered in violation of the parking policy. A parking fine will be imposed on vehicles that remain parked past their designated booking slot.

Parking Fine Amount
The parking fine for each violation is as follows:

  • Unauthorized Parking: £35
  • Overstaying Booking Slot: £35 per hour or part thereof

Please note that the fine amounts are subject to change without prior notice. Updated fine amounts will be clearly communicated through signage.

Payment and Penalty Period

Payment Deadline

All parking fines must be paid within 20 days from the date of the violation. Failure to make payment within the specified period may result in additional charges or further actions taken, including the issuance of a parking ticket or referral to a debt collection agency.

Payment Methods

Payment of parking fines can be made through the online invoice.

Please retain a copy of the payment receipt for your records.


Jaego’s House reserves the right to enforce the parking fine policy through various means, including but not limited to:

Regular patrols and monitoring of the parking area Issuance of parking violation notices
Action for non-payment or continued violations

Amendments and Updates

This Parking Fine Policy is subject to change or modification at any time at the discretion of Little House Group. Updated versions of the policy will be made available to all users and communicated through appropriate channels.

By parking within our premises, you acknowledge and agree to comply with this Parking Fine Policy. Failure to comply may result in the issuance of parking fines and other actions as outlined in this policy.

For any questions or further information regarding parking fines, please contact

Club Facilities


Moderate laptop and phone use is permitted in the Restaurant and Waterside Café.

Members can host guests at the Restaurant & Waterside Café using their monthly guest passes, but must be present at the table and for the whole duration of their guests' stay. Should a Member leave the Club or head to another area of the Club without their guest(s), their guest(s) will be asked to leave the Club.


The Gym is for Members use only. Children are not allowed in the Gym.

The use of the Gym and Spin Studio is entirely at the user’s risk. Before using any of the equipment, all Members must complete an induction and sign a PAR-Q form confirming they are in good health.

During peak hours, please limit your time on each piece of equipment to no more than 30 minutes. Please wipe down each piece of equipment after use.

Please report damaged or dangerous equipment to a Member of staff immediately.

No food or drink (except water) is permitted in the Gym.

Please do not remove any of the Gym equipment or towels. A charge will be incurred for doing so.

Please do not take any keys from the lockers offsite. Items are not to be left in the lockers over night.

Please keep the showers in a state you would like to find them in and place used towels in the baskets provided.


No grown-ups are permitted inside the Kids' Club.

Please ensure your child takes off their shoes before entering.

No food is permitted in the area (drinking water will be supplied).

No personal belongings can be brought into the Kids' Club and only the child’s items can be left in the cubby holes.

Please inform us at drop off if a different carer will be collecting. It is your responsibility to share your password with this carer. You/your child’s designated carer must not leave Jaego’s House during their Kids' Club booking slot.

If a child in our care is distressed for any reason, we will either console them or phone their designated carer and ask them to return to the Kids' Club.

If the fire alarm sounds, please meet our Kids' Club team with your child/children at the assembly point in the car park at the front of Jaego’s House.

Jaego’s House respectfully asks Members and guests to refrain from the solicitation of our staff for their childcare services within our operating hours.

Late pick up fee: A £16 charge applies if you are five minutes late and an additional £1 per minute thereafter.


After a class please wipe down your mat with the cleaning equipment supplied.

Please put away any weights or equipment that may have been used and be conscious that the person using the room after you.


Moderate laptop and phone use is permitted on the 3rd Floor in the Living Room during the weekday.

Parents and carers cannot leave children unattended in the Cinema at any time. Plated meals cannot be consumed in the Cinema.


Monday to Sunday the Study is a Member only area.

Please be considerate to your fellow Members using the Study by respecting everyone's personal space and keeping noise to a minimum. If you need to make a call, please use of one of the phone booths.

Help us keep the Study Quiet Area kitchen tidy by placing all rubbish in the bins provided and by cleaning up after yourself.

Please take anything you’ve kept in the fridge away with you at the end of your session. Anything left for more than 24 hours in the fridge will be thrown away.


Our Soft Play & Jungle Gym rules are designed to ensure that everyone has a safe and happy time. By entering the Jaego’s House Soft Play & Jungle Gym you agree to abide by these rules.

Each child must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian for the duration of their time in the Soft Play & Jungle Gym. Parents or guardians must remain within eyesight of the children in their care and accept full responsibility for them at all times. Please observe your child/children to ensure they are using the equipment safely and observing our rules. If you lose sight of your child, ask one of our team Members and we will help you locate them quickly.

No laptops or large devices are to be used in this space.

We encourage children to play, run free and explore in a safe and stimulating environment. This comes with inherent risks including exposure to moderate physical activity, tripping, falling and bumping into fixed objects and other children. Inform us immediately if your child has any sort of accident, however minor, so a trained first aider can attend to them.

We want everyone to have a great time, so be dressed for play time! We recommend long sleeves and trousers, no watches or jewellery and that your child takes extra care if they wear glasses or hearing aids. As for footwear, that’s easy! The padded Play areas are ‘shoes off, socks on’.

No food can be consumed in the Soft Play & Jungle Gym. Drinks can only be consumed in the designated areas and cannot be brought into the play areas.

Make sure that children do not become overheated or dehydrated.

No glass is permitted in the Soft Play & Jungle Gym, all drinks are offered in plastic cups.

Keep your precious items safe, we cannot accept liability for loss or theft of any personal items including lost phones.

Please be mindful of how you and your children interact with those around them. Disrespectful and abusive behaviour towards others could result in being asked to leave.

The Soft Play & Jungle Gym is split into age-appropriate play areas. For everyone’s safety, please adhere to all age and height restrictions. The Soft Play is for children aged 0-4 years and the Jungle Gym is for children 5 and above.

All of our Soft Play & Jungle Gym equipment is designed to be fun and safe. We cannot be held responsible for accidents that may occur as a result of playing on our equipment. No climbing up the slides!