Health and Fitness Facilities

Jaego's House offers complete wellbeing for members and guests with a fully equipped gym, daily cycle and fitness classes, and spa and beauty treatments.

Scroll down to see our Boom Cycle, triyoga, and Barrecore schedules, plus our full Gym offering!

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The Gym

Members Only

Follow your own programme and hit those goals in our adults-only fitness space, exclusively for members, featuring high tech strength and training equipment.

Our changing rooms have everything you need to freshen up: showers, hairdryers, shampoo and conditioner, and fresh towels, plus secure lockers for storing valuables. 

Members must book a 5-minute Gym Induction before using the Gym for the first time.

Personal Training

Jaego's House personal trainer George Zeito can help you on your health journey. With over 10 years experience as a fitness coach, George specialises in strength and conditioning, bodyweight training, Muay Thai, boxing, and nutrition.

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Our female, pre- and post-natal Personal Trainer, Sophie Allin (Movement with Sophie), is a former team GB swimmer, who specialises in pre and postnatal training. Alongside her PT and class schedule she teaches Yoga and is a Massage Therapist and runs marathons!

Sophie's specialized programs tailored for mothers, include Training for Motherhood, Core and Pelvic Floor Restore Training, Booty after Baby, and Return to Strength.

Sophie also works closely with a London based physiotherapist, who is an expert in Pelvic Floor Health. 

Personal Training Packages with Sophie: 10 classes for £800 (use within 10 weeks)

As part of her commitment to your success, members receive a complimentary 30-minute full initial consultation. This session is designed to assess your alignment and posture, allowing us to leverage your strengths and address any weaknesses proactively, ensuring optimal progress and preventing potential issues down the road.

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Cycle Studio

Members Only
Located in the ground floor Gym

Monday to Thursday - 7am to 8pm
Friday to Sunday - 7am to 7pm

London's leading indoor cycling studio, Boom Cycle, bring their 'party on a bike' mentality to our cycle studios (located in the Gym), as they turn down the lights and crank up the sound system. Boom Cycle caters to all abilities but most importantly is here to encourage you to cut loose from your day and forget your stresses.

Club members get free unlimited spin classes.

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Fitness Classes

Members Only
Located in the 1st floor studios or in the Gym

Monday to Thursday - 7am to 8pm
Friday to Sunday - 7am to 7pm

Fitness Studio Class Prices:

  • triyoga classes from £12/class

  • Barrecore from £15/class

  • Strength & Conditioning from £15/class

  • Pilates with Luke Meessmann from £15/class

Bring on that endorphin rush with our fitness classes, led by experts. 

Run by specialist providers, such as Barrecore, triyoga, and Luke Meessmann from Absolute Studios, the Fitness Studios will also host an array of classes to help tone, strengthen and condition.

Jaego's House members must book via the member portal.

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Absolute Studios Pilates

Absolute’s Dynamic Pilates classes are a brilliant fusion of the best aspects of Pilates, strength and conditioning and circuit training disciplines.

They combine the key Pilates principles of precise movement, control and core muscle activation, amongst others, with functional strength promoting exercises. 

This ensures that not only do you get leaner, stronger and more balanced, but you also apply your newfound strength and flexibility to movements that you need to perform every day. These classes are renowned for helping you move, look (and most importantly - feel) BETTER.


The original and most beloved class. Barrecore caters to all abilities and is always challenging. In this class, we use a combination of bodyweight resistance, light props, and high repetitions to exhaust all your major muscle groups. The constant change of choreography keeps your mind and muscles guessing.

Flow + Restore Yoga

This nourishing triyoga class fuses the dynamism of a smooth vinyasa class with the stillness of a deeply restorative one. It begins with breath-led, alignment-based flow before transitioning into quieter work that balances the nervous system with restorative and yin postures. The result? A state of harmony and peace in both body and mind.

Yoga Open

In a Yoga Open class the pace is slower, giving you time to listen to your body and do what feels right. Even the simple poses will have options offered so you can make it appropriate for you.

A Yoga Open class also gently stimulates  blood and lymphatic flow, warms and mobilises the joints, and helps to improve the flow of energy through the body and dissolve muscular and mental tension.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means “to place with special awareness and intention.” Flow suggests movement that is continuous, smooth and unbroken. Vinyasa flow is a popular form of modern yoga that draws from traditions including ashtanga and Iyengar yoga, as well as martial arts and dance.

While class pace, style and intensity vary, emphasis is placed on harmonising the movements of the body and breath in creative sequences. Short meditations and breathing techniques are also included in many vinyasa classes. This class is provided by triyoga.

Mighty Mums Strength & Conditioning

Join Jaego's House resident PT George for a strength focused classed designed to target the whole body. Using a mix of weights and body weight, George will help you achieve a stronger and balanced body.

Upper Body

With an emphasis on upper body strength and development, this class will use a hybrid approach of calisthnics and weight training to maximise results and create a rounded upper body.

Strength & Circuits

Led by Jaego's House resident PT George, this class will target the whole body using a variety of equipment providing all round excellent fitness.  It will be hard work but lots  FUN!


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a fun and fast way to get your heart pumping and you sweaty! Through a combination of floor and machine work, you’ll be doing high-intensity strength and cardio exercises, followed by brief periods of recovery.