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Jaego's House

Terms & Conditions

  1. About Jaego’s House and the Club

    Jaego’s House (the Club) is owned and operated by The Little Houses Group.

    Jaego’s House is mainly for members of the Club to enjoy but with some access for non- members (pay and play guests). 

    Access to the private areas and some facilities is strictly for members only. These private areas are the gym, the co-working office, creche/kids club, the living room, snug, kids cinema and any other spaces that we may designate from time to time as private areas.

    The Jungle Gym and Soft Play areas are open to members and pay and play guests but access to members is guaranteed and exclusive at peak times (currently between 8am – 2pm although we reserve the right from time to time to alter these peak times) 

    Pay and play guests must pay an entry fee to gain access to the Jungle Gym and Soft Play area and they may also have access at all times to the restaurant and waterside café.

    Members may have access to studio and fitness classes at peak times at a discounted rate (peak times deemed appropriate by us). Non members may access studio and fitness classes in non-peak times.

    Treatment rooms may be accessed by members and non members.

    Jaego’s House also operates an Ofsted registered nursery adjoining the Club (Kensal House Nursery) but application for nursery places is separate from membership of the Club

  2. Membership Terms and conditions

    1. To become a member you must complete an application form. By completing, signing and submitting your application form for membership, you confirm that you have read and understood our terms and conditions (including our privacy policy) and agree to be bound by them.

    2. If you are accepted for membership the agreement so made shall be between (1) The Little Houses Group Limited trading as Jaego’s House (theoperator /we/ us) and (2) you, whose details are set out in your application form (member /you/ your).

    3. In these terms and conditions references to a “member” includes, where the context so permits,the member and their spouse, children , nannies and childminders.

  3. Our contract

    1. This, along with any other documents referred to in these terms and conditions form the terms of the agreement (Membership Agreement) between the operator and you. It is the responsibility of the member to read the terms with care prior to signing up to become a member.

    2. All memberships are conditional upon agreeing to the terms and conditions. However, membership is granted on a discretionary basis. We shall have sole discretion over who is and is not accepted as a member of Jaego’s House.

  4. Application process

    1. Prospective members are required to complete an online application form to become a member. Those eligible for membership are the parents (or guardians) of their children, which includes household helpers such as nannies or grandparents.

    2. All details provided in the application (including names, address and email) must be correct at the time of the application and it is the responsibility of the member to ensure these details are up to date at all times. If details change, members must provide us with updated contact information at the earliest opportunity.

    3. We will use the personal details and information submitted to contact members as and when required.

    4. Prospective members agree when making an application that, after any free trial period, they are committing for a 6 month period and to paying all fees during this period.

  5. Membership Term

    1. The Membership Agreement shall begin on the date specified in the Application Form as the commencement date (Commencement Date) and, subject to paragraph 5.2 below, shall continue for a period of 6 full months thereafter or from the end of your monthly free trial period (the Initial Term).

    2. If you have accepted a free trail period and do not wish at the end of that period to continue with your membership then, subject to giving us written notice expiring before the end of the trial period, your membership will be cancelled at the end of that trial period.

    3. Following the end of the Initial Term and provided you have paid your monthly membership fees, the Membership Agreement shall automatically renew on a recurring basis for further periods of 2 months each (the Renewal Term(s)) until terminated or cancelled.

    4. Your membership fees shall be payable monthly in advance by direct debit to our bank account details of which shall be notified to you. If the monthly payment is not so made we may suspend or terminate your membership.

    5. All membership fees are subject to change in accordance with paragraph 6.5 below.

    6. We may give written notice to any particular member, on or before the end of the Initial Term or the relevant Renewal Term, to terminate the Membership Agreement at the end of the Initial Term or the relevant Renewal Term, as the case may be.

    7. Members can cancel their membership by providing us with not less than 2 months’ written notice, expiring at the end of the Initial Term or at the end of any Renewal Term. The Membership Agreement will end on the date of its termination or cancellation (the End Date) and the member will have no rights to continue using any private areas or facilities of the Club after the End Date nor have any other rights unless they become a pay and play guest.

    8. At the end of the Membership term the member’s access to the members portal will be terminated.

  6. Membership Fees and payments

    1. We will charge a one-time joining fee payable on or before the Commencement Date. Membership will not be deemed to be accepted until this one-time joining fee has been collected. If your membership is approved this joining fee will be converted into restaurant credits. If your membership is not accepted or is cancelled at the end of the trial period then it will be refunded to you. Save as aforesaid your joining fee is non refundable.

    2. The member must pay the membership fees in monthly instalments by direct debit, in advance on the first day of each calendar month. All fees must be paid without deduction or set off.

    3. We may send all invoices to the member electronically. Invoices shall become payable within seven days of issue.

    4. In the event that additional services (see paragraph 9 below) are provided by us, the member shall pay the applicable fees and taxes for such additional services. Fees and taxes for additional services shall be invoiced and paid in full in advance of the provision of any applicable additional services.

    5. Unless we have otherwise agreed with you we reserve the right to increase the Membership Fees payable from the start of each Renewal Term and shall provide members with 60 days written notice of any increase. Under no circumstances will the fee for any one month be less than the fee for the immediately preceding month. Unless otherwise specified the changes will take place on the 1st of the following month after the end of the notice period.

    6. We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to refuse any application for Membership as per paragraph 3.2 above.

    7. We reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 3 per cent above the base rate of Metro Bank monthly on any overdue amounts.

  7. Termination

    1. We may terminate the Membership Agreement immediately if (a) the member does not pay their Monthly Fee within seven days following the due date (whether formally demanded or not) or (b) the member (including any person at the Club with the Member’s express or implied permission) is in breach of any of their obligations under the Membership Agreement. In either case, the member acknowledges and agrees that access to the Club and other activities may be denied. In addition, if a member cancels their direct debit or it becomes inactive, we are under no obligation to continue to provide Membership services or benefits to that member, and the member acknowledges and agrees that access to the Club and other activities may be denied.

    2. If we have genuine concerns that any act or omission of a member has or might reasonably have the effect of damaging the reputation of Jaego’s House or the Operator and/or its group companies, we may terminate the Membership Agreement by serving one month’s written notice on that member.

    3. If this Membership Agreement is terminated under any of the provisions of this clause 7, such termination is without prejudice to the rights and remedies of either party in respect of any prior breach of any obligations under this Agreement, including the obligation to pay for any Additional Services.

  8. Use of our Club

    1. Access to the Club is only permitted during operational hours of the Club, and these times may vary from time to time.

    2. Club membership allows access to the following persons depending on their category of membership:
      Family Membership – you and your spouse /partner and your children plus two additional named adults (including nannies or childminders) who can have access in place of your and your spouse/partner.
      House Membership – you and one child plus two additional named adult family members (including nannies or childminders) who can have access in your place.
      House and Work Membership - you and one child plus two additional named adult family members (including nannies or childminders) who can have access in your place.

    3. Guest Access

      1. Membership allows for a limited number of guests per month with a maximum of 4 guests at any one time and an allocation of 4 free guests passes per month. An additional two more guest passes can be purchased by you each month. Guest passes and access for guests is subject to available space. 

      2. The Club has the right to further limit this number or refuse entry to any individual at any time.

      3. Guests are not permitted to be in the Club at any time without being accompanied by a member.

    4. When accessing and using the Club, all members must:

      1. Present their membership card.

      2. Conduct themselves in a manner suitable for a family environment and act accordingly in line with our code of conduct. This covers the use of offensive and/or abusive language.

      3. Comply with all policies in place.

      4. Comply with any management instructions at all times and ensure every team member is treated with courtesy and respect.

      5. Respect the privacy of all other members including guests, as well as all employees and contractors.

      6. Not take photographs of any other member or any other member’s guests or children.

      7. Not bring any animals or pets into the Club except where required for the provision of medical assistance or with the prior consent of the Club Manager as per the Club rules.

      8. Not to bring any food or drink into the Club with the exception of provisions for babies under 12 months of age. 

      9. Not bring any non-prescription drugs or illegal substances into the Club.

      10. Not take any items from the Club.

      11. Settle all bills for Additional Services before leaving the Club - there is no credit available and there will be no provisions for accounts.

      12. Not use IT equipment (phones, laptops, tablets) whilst in a class or group activity, or when a management team member has asked for the IT equipment to be put away.

      13. Not to use mobile phones or personal audio equipment to cause nuisance to other members and their guests.

      14. Only use the Co-working Desks for general office purposes.

      15. Not use the Club for the purposes of any trade, profession or business (other than in the Co-working Desks) or the Club address as a business postal address or registered office address.

      16. Not alter or make any additions to Co-working Desks or install any fixtures, fittings, equipment, cabling, IT or telecoms connections in or to Co-working Desks and must maintain the Co-working Desks in the condition in which they are found at the start of a period of use, taking good care of them, and keeping them clean and tidy and clear of rubbish.

      17. Not engage in any activity, from the Co-working Desks or in the Club, which is illegal, or which may be or become a nuisance, annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to the Operator or to other members or guests of the Club.

      18. Not smoke (including vaping) anywhere in the Club.

      19. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

      20. Be responsible for the conduct of their guests in the Club.

    5. Each member acknowledges and accepts that from time-to-time the Operator may have to close the Club (or certain areas of the Club). The Operator will endeavour to provide members with as much notice of any such closures as possible but are not obliged to compensate members for any closures.

  9. Additional services and activities

    1. Included in your membership are the following additional services or activities: 

      • Four free crèche hours per month

      • Two free studio classes per month

      • Four free children’s meals per month

      • Four free hot drinks per month

      • Free spinning classes for the first six months we are open

    2. Additional services or activities may be purchased from us if there is availability. Prices will vary depending on content and activity and all prices will be displayed on the website and members portal.

    3. Participation in any additional services activities must be booked and paid for in advance.

    4. Additional services and activities may be limited to members and (outside of peak hours) pay and play guests only and participation by your guests may be refused.

    5. It is a requirement to attend booked classes or activities. If circumstances arise that mean a member is unable to attend activities, they must notify the Club immediately. If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the event, refunds will not be made and/or credits will not be applied to a member's account.

    6. When registering for activities members must ensure that they are contactable and that all details are up to date as per paragraph 4.2 of these terms and conditions.

  10. Entertainers, party organisers and contractors.

    1. During the normal management of the Club we will hire, either on a temporary or permanent basis, people to run, assist with or create classes, activities or parties.

    2. All measures will be put into practice to ensure so far as we are able the suitability of anyone hired, this will include an interview process, reference checks and Disclosure and Barring Service checks.

    3. In line with paragraph 8.4.5 of these terms and conditions the privacy of entertainers, party organisers and contractors must be respected and, as such, they must not be contacted outside of the Club.

    4. Whilst every effort is made by us to give satisfaction to members by requiring reasonable standards of skill, talent, integrity and reliability from entertainers, party organisers and contractors the Operator is not liable for any loss, expense, damage or delay arising from any failure to provide an entertainer, party organiser or contractor for all or part of any activity, for any accidents or damage to property, or for any perceived lack of skill of the entertainers, party organisers and contractors. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not exclude liability for death or personal injury arising from our own negligence.

    5. Employees of the Operator will not be permitted to undertake paid or unpaid employment with a member without our prior written consent. Consent will not be withheld unreasonably; however, it is our responsibility to ensure compliance with statutory obligations. Employees are not permitted to engage in any form of employment which are similar to, or competitive with us, or activities or employment that could impact their ability to act in the best interest of Jaego’s House at all times.

  11. Wifi

    1. Wifi is available in the Club and is a free service, however, it is strictly made available only for lawful activities that are in line with our IT policy.

  12. Conditions and restrictions

    1. Membership is subject to availability at the time of application and is discretionary as per paragraph 3.2 in these terms and conditions.

    2. The members (including their spouse, children, nannies and childminders) and any guests are responsible for themselves, their compliance with all policies, terms and rules, as well as all belongings at all times while at the Club, or during any classes or activity.

    3. We are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, theft of property or perceived wrongdoing to any member or their guests whilst they are at the Club.

    4. In order to maintain a healthy environment for all members, their guests and visitors, members (including their spouse, children, nannies and childminders) must not attend the Club if unwell (including testing positive for Covid or being in any period of enforced or recommended isolation) and must leave immediately if they become unwell whilst at the Club.

    5. By signing the terms and conditions of membership, members acknowledge that the Club is a safe and suitable space for families. Members further acknowledge that they have voluntarily assumed the risk of such losses and waive any claims against the Operator for such losses.

    6. Each member warrants that it is authorised to give legal consent for their children as the parent, guardian or the person in loco parentis of the children.

  13. Complaints
    If a member has a complaint of any kind please feel free to contact us at

  14. Privacy Policy

    1. By entering into the Membership Agreement we and you shall comply with our respective data protection obligations as set out in our Privacy Policy which is contained on our website ( and a copy of which is also available from the Club secretary.

    2. If required by the applicable law, we will notify you of any material or substantive changes to this Privacy Policy.